San Diego Fusion Joins Forces with Notts Forest Football Club

With U.S Soccer’s “Player Development Initiatives” a number of required changes to U.S youth soccer programs will begin in the year 2016. Implementation of these changes will begin in early 2016, including a birth or calendar year age structure and a new and expanded focus on the small sided game structure and standards.

These changes have also introduced the need for many small and medium sized clubs to examine how these new requirements also present unique challenges and prime opportunities. Based on the opportunity these changes presented, and through active coordination and communication, the Notts Forest Football Club and San Diego Fusion Soccer Club realized is that a club merger would benefit both clubs and provide tangible improvements. The improvements to be realized include enhanced and expanded player development, greater team diversity and playing opportunities, additional field location options and retention of players and their teams. The teams will play under the Notts Forest Football Club banner and will continue to be based at Hickman Field in San Diego.

These two outstanding regional clubs have maintained a competitive relationship with each other over the years and they will now have the chance to take full advantage of their combined successes with a continued focus and passion on providing significant advancement in youth soccer. With the merger, the teams from each organization will combine to form one club with over 30+ competitive teams  both on the Boys side but also increasing it’s Girls program, which has always been a goal for Nott’s Forest F.C.

The two directors of coaching, David Banks – Notts Forest Football Club and Ray Taila – San Diego Fusion have agreed that together as Director of Football and assistant director respectively,  they will be able to ensure the continued success of the youth competitive soccer program under the Notts Forest Football Club for years to come. Together they are taking the necessary and appropriate steps to incorporate these player development initiative changes while also ensuring the best possible application of their combined coaching resources and player development capabilities.

David and Ray have a long soccer history in San Diego, both having played professionally with the San Diego Sockers, and their long standing commitment to San Diego as players and coaches will continue as part of this merger.

With the parallel motivation to provide significant advancement in youth soccer, the club merger will continue to share that same passion and philosophy based on open communication, mutual respect, and maintaining focus on the players. The continued commitment to soccer development, providing a professional and positive learning environment, will allow for player improvement both individually and collectively as a team. Together we will pursue the highest quality youth soccer, while teaching respect and promoting a love of the game among our players, coaches, parents and communities.”

We are excited about what the New Year will bring and we encourage your active participation. So please take a few moments to visit the Notts Forest Football Club website for tryout locations, dates, and times (

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